MEBA MEBA and our resins
your projects take shape

Idéa ...
and together
we can make it happen

We want to create our resins together with you, listening to your needs and achieving the best material effect to satisfy your request.

With over 50 years of experience we have a wide range of solutions to offer and if you are not able to find what you are looking for ... we can create it together!

idéa ...
a material
with a surprising

Our materials have countless applications and can satisfy the most demanding design projects. With this philosophy, we boast a number of collaborations with major leading companies in various sectors: Luxury fashion and accessories, civil and nautical decor, flooring, bathroom furniture, design objects, jewelery, musical instruments, cutlery, tableware and gifts, mosaics and artistic creations ...

idéa ...

Our materials combine elegance and functionality. Our faithful reproductions of precious stones and natural material are particularly popular. This explains why objects made from MEBA materials are so beautiful and the envy of Mother Nature. Some examples: horn, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, coral, opal, malachite, etc ...

idéa ...

One of our lastest innovations, the result of years of research & experimentation, is MEBATECH®. Special noble resin sheets that are completely malleable and adaptable to any type of frame and form, also ideal for covering the most demanding design projects.
Minimum thickness of 1.00 mm

idéa ...
endless colour
and customization effects

Our production begins with processing transparent liquid resin; in our laboratory we then create the color and textures of our materials by mixing various components, primary colors and applying specific production processes.

M.E.B.A. sas
Via Vittorio Alfieri 14/16
Fraz. I Casoni di Gariga
29027 Podenzano (Pc) Italy
Tel. +39 0523 524291
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