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Who are MEBA
tradition and a history of success

Since 1950 MEBA has been creating and manufacturing cutting-edge noble resin. Our history is characterized by tradition, success and above all passion. It was Lorenzo Gonella, founder of MEBA, who invented the idea of reproducing a horn effect with resin. Maria Losi Gonella successfully developed her husband's idea becoming the icon of the company.

MEBA a company
made of people

With Maria Losi Gonella, MEBA has achieved its place in national and international markets anticipating its time and offering its materials to the world of fashion. From the out start MEBA creations have been known for elegance and quality, winning in the challenging market of accessories.

The exciting and challenging task for the succeeding generations, now in the third generation, was to imagine, discover and invent new applications, but not only .... Our research is based on the development of new technical properties of the resins.

In 2013 MEBA invented and patented MEBATECH®. A resin that combines softness and flexibility to surprising aesthetic effects. Our reference sector has always been fashion, but thanks to the versatility of our products we work in the most diverse sectors ranging from design to construction to furnishings.

MEBA the Values
that make our company

Our 50 years of experience, our drive and ambition has brought us where we are today: experts in the creation and production of noble resin, both visually and technologically. Today our range of natural effects (horn, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, coral, etc ..) and colors are unique on the market and constantly evolving.

It will be a pleasure for us, during our first meeting to tell you about the history of our work and family.

In trusting MEBA you will find a professional, skilled and passionate team. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves not only for the beauty of our materials but especially for the service, dedication and care that we provide to our customers.

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