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Plates and Sticks

Our material is born from observing nature and trying to reproduce the wonderful effects that it gives us.

To date, MEBA materials are recognized for their quality and faithful reproduction of elements found in nature. Especially appreciated are effects such as horn, mother of pearl, coral ...

Meba is able to reproduce natural materials in the form of slabs and sticks … (??which may not be able to adapt to industrial processes….?)

Each of our aesthetic effect can be reproduced in countless colors and sizes

choose the format that suits you

The range of textures

idèa ...
A material
with surprising

Our materials have countless applications
and can satisfy the most demanding design projects.
With this philosophy,
we boast a number of collaborations with major leading companies in various sectors:
civil and nautical decor, flooring, bathroom furniture,
design objects, jewelery, musical instruments,
cutlery, tableware and gifts,
traditional and artistic mosaics…


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