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How we create our NEWS' MEBATECH®

Our material comes by observing nature and trying to reproduce the wonderful effects that it gives us.

Our production cycle starts from the arrival of liquid and transparent resin. To this we add our components dosing milligrams of colorings and additives in carefully studied quantities according to traditional 70 year old recipes.

Our production is obtained by casting and is divided into two main categories: sheets and sticks.

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Organized as an industry
Artisan production

Fundamental to each step in our production process is the professionalism of our experienced and qualified staff.

Our steps

    • Begin
    • We start from the resin
      transparent liquid ...
    • Mixing
    • Where colors are created ...
    • Casting
    • Sticks and Plates ...


Our last innovation, due to years of experimental research is MEBATECH®. Special resin noble sheets completely malleable and adaptable to any type of media or form, ideal for the most demanding projects of Design. Minimum thickness of 1.00 mm.

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